Tap water damage - bad for business, bad for the environment!

How a small IoT sensor solves an ambivalent problem. For insurers, for property owners - for the environment.

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Detect 100% of leaks with the water leakage sensor from Enzo

Enzo's small IoT sensor prevents costly tap water damage and stops massive losses of drinking water at the same time.

A homeowner reports water damage to their insurance company 2 times a minute

Damage caused by leaking water is a huge challenge for both property owners and insurers of residential buildings. Statistically speaking, it is very likely that a property will be affected at some point.

Be it defective seals or hoses, burst pipes or installation and assembly errors. The consequences are not only guaranteed to be unpleasant, but also pose a problem from a sustainability perspective.

Every 30 sec.

Leaking pipes are the cause of more than half of all claims handled by insurers every year!

€ 45 billion

In the last 20 years, the cost of drying and repairing tap water damage has amounted to over €45 billion.

20 million

Buildings are affected by water damage every day - consequential damage and loss of value are imminent.

23 billion

Liters of valuable drinking water disappear every year due to leaking pipes and water damage.

6 Megaton

CO2 is consumed in the extraction, purification and distribution of 23 billion liters of drinking water - a senseless emission.
The best choice for safety

Insurance protection or damage prevention?

Our IoT leakage sensor works hand in hand with comprehensive insurance. Find out how they complement each other and connect your business with Enzo for maximum benefit.


Installation is simple. Homeowners fit the sensor themselves. You don't need any specialist knowledge or tools.


The sensor runs independently and is not dependent on a power or WLAN connection.

Based on AI

Real time check of the water flow: The AI looks for patterns and anomalies.
Damage prevention

A smart solution

Enzo's IoT sensor is a solution for the early detection of leaks in water pipes. With the water leakage sensor, owners and insurers proactively tackle the problem. The effect: damage is minimized.

Water is the new CO2

Valuable drinking water escapes through leaks in water pipes. In view of climate change, we are seeing more and more signs of water shortages in Germany every year. Drinking water is a finite resource that is endangered by uncontrolled pipes. Saving water is therefore becoming increasingly important.


Water is our elixir of life. There is no alternative. Without water, there is no life.


The UN predicts that our fresh water will decrease by 40% by 2030 if we do not act responsibly and sustainably.
EU taxonomy

6 Goals for the economy

Europe is to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. To achieve this, the EU Commission has published a set of rules: the EU Taxonomy. It provides a definition of sustainability and sets binding standards for sustainable business practices. Based on certain criteria and metrics, companies can recognize how sustainably they operate and to what extent they are aligned with the 6 main objectives.

The leakage sensor contributes directly to the goal of using water sustainably.

Preventing tap water damage protects resources and contributes to sustainable business practices.

Did you know that the biggest risk to your home comes from water leaks?

Leaks in water pipes are particularly treacherous: they are usually only noticed when it is too late and large quantities of water have already spread. The repair then becomes costly and burdens the whole family.

Detecting even small water leaks early makes a huge difference. The faster you act, the smaller the extent!

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