Building the world’s water operating system

Our vision is to digitally manage the distribution and consumption of drinking water, ensuring sustainable and secure usage.

In recent years, awareness of the finite nature of drinking water has grown significantly. More frequent droughts and increasing water consumption underscore the scarcity of this resource. It is essential to adopt more sustainable practices with drinking water to protect future generations and preserve the environment. Every drop counts!


One cause, two consequences

25% of the drinking water produced in Europe is lost due to defective pipes on its way to consumers, resulting in two major problems.
Building damages
Damage from faulty water pipes can be devastating: leading to high repair costs, mold growth, long-term structural damage, and potential depreciation of the property.
Loss of drinking water
The continuous loss of drinking water in buildings places a significant strain on our environment. It wastes valuable resources, increases energy consumption, and exacerbates water scarcity.

We developed the technology

With Enzo one.drop, we have developed the technology to detect water leaks, prevent damage and reduce water waste.

It's time to act

The technology is available, now it's time to act. Every building in the world can be retrofitted easily and cost-effectively.

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