Insure homes properly while conserving resources

Enzo is not just another home insurance company, we are leading the change towards sustainability in our industry.


A side effect of industrialization

Industrialization brought a great deal of prosperity to our western world. Without this era, we would not be where we are today. But it also taught us that resources are infinitely available to us. This is why our society produces and consumes in excess.

This is about more than just a few pieces of plastic packaging. Our reality: climate change is happening. The water crisis is already here. (Yes, water is also becoming scarce in Germany).

Wait until a claim is reported. Continue to rely on paperwork: This time-honored approach depletes resources.

Wait until a claim is reported. Continue to rely on paperwork: This time-honored approach depletes resources.


If the annual paper consumption of the insurance industry in Germany were produced with fresh wood, this number of trees would be cut down every year.

A small forest that can store around 8 million tons of CO2 per year

40.000 L

This amount of water is lost if a 1 mm leak remains undetected for a month.

That's almost as much water as one person uses per year!

3.600 kWh

After major water damage, a drying appliance runs for up to 3 months.

This is the energy requirement of a one-child family per month!


It's time for new standards

We can achieve a lot if we act proactively. We are convinced of this. That's why we are setting new standards in homeowners' insurance with Enzo: acting instead of reacting.


How we are driving change


"I'd like to file this away in my folder so it can gather dust for the rest of my life."

Nobody ever says that. And because we love our forests, we don't want to contribute to deforestation. That's why we do without paperwork and work 100% digitally.


"Insurance has to do more than just pay out money in the event of a claim. That's no longer enough."

We tackle problems proactively. Avoiding damage doesn't just save money or reduce the claims ratio. Above all, it conserves our resources. And protects families' homes.


"A product is the mirror of its organization!"
- Sascha Wolf, Co-founder and CEO

Team Enzo has a multicultural background and tech in its DNA. We are open minded and smart. We are passionate about what we do and want to make a real impact.

Established security

Our insurance partners

We want to change the industry for the better. This requires security. Especially for our customers. That's why Enzo works with financially strong and BaFin-regulated insurers.

Our partners stand for financial strength. As risk carriers, Gothaer Allgemeine and Janitos Versicherung AG provide insurance protection for our customers.

Enzo stands for the modern. Intelligent software and smart hardware are part of our product and make this insurance protection contemporary and user-friendly for customers.