Protect your property with Enzo one.drop

Enzo one.drop reliably protects residential buildings of any size from unnoticed water damage.
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Digital water management with Enzo one.drop

The Enzo one.drop system continuously captures consumption data and uses artificial intelligence to analyze it in real-time. This enables owners and managers to act quickly to avoid costly damages.
All buildings

Any building can be easily equipped with Enzo one.drop


The Enzo one.drop portal for modern water management

With Enzo one.drop, you can monitor individual buildings or entire portfolios, effectively protect them from water damage, and achieve your ESG goals.

Real-time data

Data from all houses and sensors available online in the one.drop portal

AI analysis

The piping system is monitored 24/7 by artificial intelligence

Complete overview

Monitor individual buildings or entire portfolios from anywhere
The solution

The smartest way to protect against damages.

With Enzo one.drop, water pipes are continuously monitored, leaks are detected immediately, allowing for early action to prevent costly water damage in properties.
The solution

Quick to install, protected in the long term.

Enzo one.drop IoT sensors are easy to install without tools. They operate autonomously, reliably transmit data even from basements, and require neither Wi-Fi nor permanent power supply.
The solution

Every building, easily retrofitted.

With Enzo one.drop IoT sensors, any building can be easily and cost-effectively retrofitted, whether it's a single-family home, multi-family houses, or commercial properties.
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