Enzo one.drop

Water damage protection through IoT and AI technology

Enzo's compact one.drop sensor prevents costly water pipe damages and helps minimize significant losses of drinking water.
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Water pipes are the main issue in building damages.

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Every 30 seconds, a water pipe damage is reported in a building. The consequences are often prolonged and expensive.
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50% of all building damages are caused by defects in water pipes. This is the main reason for rising insurance premiums.
25% of the drinking water produced in Europe is lost on its way to the consumer. A global challenge.
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With Enzo one.drop, you monitor your water pipes digitally

Until now, monitoring the condition of water pipes in buildings has been difficult. The major risk is defects that can go undetected for long periods, leading to significant and costly damage. Enzo changes that.
Water pipes are usually hidden behind walls or ceilings
Water damage is only detected once it becomes large and visible
Wasserverschwendung hat bereits stattgefunden
Water wastage has already occurred
Water pipes are monitored by a sensor and AI
Water damage, even the smallest micro-leaks, are detected immediately
Water wastage has been prevented
Repair processes are initiated immediately, reducing costs by up to 70%
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The Enzo one.drop sensor is quick to install and monitors 24/7


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