Protect your home with Enzo one.drop.

Single-family or two-family homes can be quickly and easily protected from unnoticed water damage with the Enzo one.drop sensor.
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Did you know that water leaks pose the greatest risk to your home? Often, they are only noticed when it's already too late and significant water damage has occurred. Early detection of even small leaks can have a huge impact - the faster you act, the less damage to you and your family.

Enzo Homeowners Insurance

Smart insurance for smart homeowners. Perfectly tailored to the one.drop IoT sensor and fully digital. An innovative blend of comprehensive, proven insurance coverage and modern smart home technology. Protecting you and your home comprehensively.
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The installation of the one.drop sensor couldn't be easier

Simply place your Enzo one.drop sensor in the basement on your main water pipe behind the water meter.
The solution

The smartest way to protect against damages.

With Enzo one.drop, water pipes are continuously monitored, leaks are detected immediately, allowing for early action to prevent costly water damage in properties.
The solution

Quick to install, protected in the long term.

Enzo one.drop IoT sensors are easy to install without tools. They operate autonomously, reliably transmit data even from basements, and require neither Wi-Fi nor permanent power supply.
The solution

Every building, easily retrofitted.

With Enzo one.drop IoT sensors, any building can be easily and cost-effectively retrofitted, whether it's a single-family home, multi-family houses, or commercial properties.
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Your options for a better home protection

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Enzo one.drop is available with or without insurance.
Purchase price (one-time)
Enzo one.drop.sensor
Leakage warning by email
Insurance coverage (buildings)
Only one.drop Leak Protection
Only one.drop
Home insurance with one.drop
ENZo App

Everything at a glance

You can monitor the data collected by the Enzo one.drop sensor in the Enzo app. Our Water Leak Detection AI analyzes this data in real-time, reliably detecting even the smallest leaks. This means no nasty surprises, whether you're at home or on vacation.

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